All You Can Fly


Surf Air, the nation’s first private-membership airline, recently began flying into and out of Sacramento’s McClellan Airport. Members pay a flat monthly fee and can fly as often as they want on any of Surf Air’s scheduled flights. The company claims it takes the aggro out of flying: Members book online in under 30 seconds, arrive 15 minutes before flight time, park for free, skip the TSA line and are greeted by a concierge. Where do I sign up?

Monthly fee

$1,950 for individual membership


Hawthorne, Burbank, San Carlos, Oakland, Santa Barbara, Carlsbad, Monterey, Truckee, Palm Springs, Napa

The plane 

Pilatus PC-12, a Swiss-made single-engine turboprop with eight leather seats and a BMW-designed “executive interior”

In the cockpit 

A captain and first officer


You can bring on one small bag (less than 30 pounds)


Comparable to business class on a commercial airliner

Onboard snacks 

Coffee, Pellegrino water, Izze soft drinks, Popchips and Kind Bars—but no booze

Hold it 

There’s a tiny lavatory onboard. But the company website says, “Candidly, on an aircraft this size you’ll want to avoid using it.”