A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose


What should I know about ordering a floral arrangement?

The earlier you order, the better. That way, if there’s anything specific you want, we can get that in. As it gets closer to Mother’s Day, we have to pretty much use what we’ve ordered in and what we’ve purchased. Also, know what colors and flowers she likes.

How much can I expect to spend?

At Twiggs, designs start at $65 and go up from there. But we don’t turn anyone away. We service everybody, so if someone doesn’t have that much, we’ll do something accordingly. The arrangement would be scaled down in size, so you’re not losing quality, just quantity. 

What’s the trend in florals right now?

The trend is for an organic feel for arrangements, looser and freer. 

What flowers are in bloom in May?

There’s a whole array of garden and spring flowers, from tulips to ranunculus to roses. There is a window of opportunity for peonies, but they tend to be pricier.

Can I get a farm-to-table arrangement?

We love adding fruits and vegetables, and we can do something with herbs for farm-to-fork-themed arrangements. 

What flowers should I avoid?

Carnations and daisies. But there aren’t any flowers not to get. We focus on what people want. We’ll cut out flowers that have more fragrance for people who have allergies to fragrances. 

What can Mom do to make her flowers last?

Change the water regularly. The biggest thing that kills the flowers is bacteria in the water. Don’t just add water. Dump what’s there and add fresh, room-temperature water.