A Musical Journey to India


In an effort to bring more of the flavor of India to the Western world, The Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers of India will perform “Spirit of India” for North American audiences for the first time ever. The touring company is coming to Harris Center at Folsom Lake College on Oct. 9 and 10. 

Bollywood, a combination of Bombay (the former name of Mumbai) and Hollywood, is the name of the Hindi-language film industry in Mumbai, India. The industry began influencing American musical films in the 2000s and has only grown since. 

The Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers of India was an idea of Rahis Bharti, an Indian artist from Rajasthan. The assemblage of nearly 20 professional artists offers a little bit of everything in Indian music and dance, giving audiences an authentic taste of the richness and excitement of Indian culture. 

“Spirit of India” is a joyous, two-hour-plus performance by mesmerizing female dancers and acrobats, a brass band and acoustic musicians combined with a spectacle of colors, lights and fire. 

Tickets and details: harriscenter.net