Local Newspaper Columnist

Marcos Bretón, The Sacramento Bee and Dan Walters, The Sacramento Bee (tie); www.sacbee.com
Between the two of them, Sacramento Bee columnists Marcos Bretón and Dan Walters have some 70 years of experience in journalism. Bretón, who made the switch from covering sports for the Bee to being its Metro columnist about 1 ½ years ago (he still contributes occasionally to Sports), was awarded the Guillermo Martinez-Marquez Award by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists for a series of stories titled “Fields of Pain,” about the exploitation of migrant farm workers in California, which ran in the Bee in 1991. Bretón calls it a turning point in his career. “It was like graduating,” he says. “I went from doing generic stories to stories that really mattered.” Walters’ column on California politics is syndicated to more than 50 California newspapers. When asked what he likes best about writing it, Walters says, “Figuring out a different take on politics than the usual horserace stuff; relating what’s happening in the political world to the real world of California.” Both Bretón and Walters have authored books. Bretón is a regular guest on KXJZ’s “Insight” and—keeping his ties with sports—also is a commentator with ESPN. Walters makes frequent appearances on TV news shows talking about California politics. You can read Bretón’s column Wednesdays and Sundays and Walters’ column daily except Thursdays and Saturdays in The Sacramento Bee.