Local Morning Drive Radio Team

Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty, Talk 650 AM KSTE

Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty, Talk 650 AM KSTE; www.kste.com
Agree or disagree with what they have to say, but no one’s debating this: Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty have the gift of gab. From 6 to 10 a.m. weekdays on Talk 650 AM KSTE, the two seamlessly banter back and forth—with radio guests, callers or sometimes just themselves—on timely topics including local news, the economy and politics, along with humorous personal anecdotes. Celebrating their 10th anniversary with KSTE this year, Armstrong and Getty, who have been doing a morning radio show together since 1992, say they are working their dream jobs. “I have opinions I believe the world needs to hear,” says Armstrong, “and I have no other skills.” Adds Getty, “I tend to be adamant about virtually everything, so if I didn’t have a radio show, I would have to vent on loved ones.” So, are they as opinionated off the air? Not so much. “I have very, very little interest in talking about politics off the air,” says Getty. “I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable; I’d rather talk about music or sports.” In addition to being skilled at chatting up a storm, both men are musically inclined. Armstrong sings and plays guitar and banjo—mostly original songs—for the country/rock band The Painkillers. Getty is nearly finished recording his first CD. “[It’s] an album-length CD of original music that ranges from old-timey Americana to loud, nasty Stonesish rock,” Getty says. Catch the duo doing what they do best—talking—when they emcee Sacramento’s magazines 10th annual Best of Sacramento Party on Dec. 4 at the Sacramento Convention Center.