Last Call: Sgt. Justin Risley

Sgt. Justin Risley – Public Information Officer, Sacramento Police Department

Daily habit: Every day is a new day. I don’t like habits, although I probably have a few.

Indulgence: Olives, all kinds.

First job: Bohemian Grove Retreat (Sonoma County). This was a business/political getaway for members of the club. I cooked, bartended and did just about everything else. I met Presidents Reagan and Carter there.

Nightmare: That would have to be my pager going off at 2 a.m. requesting me to work, which means something bad must have happened.

Favorite memory: What resonates in my mind are two trips I took this past summer. The first was a trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon admiring the billion years represented by the various rock formations. It certainly puts things in perspective. The other was exploring my East Coast roots in the New England town of Rockport, Mass.

Treasures: Health and family. I haven’t had to look far for role models.

Health and fitness: I’m a fanatic, so I’m definitely a big fan of our new governor.

Serenity: Mountain biking on an unexplored trail.

Self-description: Passionate, focused and determined. I’m a big believer in traditional values like trust and honesty—values that have proven effective in my work relationships.

Nickname: Riz.

Fact, not fiction: Cops don’t eat doughnuts!

Perfect day: A morning workout free from the pager and cellular phone. Being in a unique place with time to explore.