Last Call: Jackie Schultz

Job title:

Producer and owner of The Studio Theatre

First job: I was 16 years old and got a part-time job in a little dress shop at the mall in San Mateo. I “straightened.”

Nickname: You can call me “Jack” or “Jacquee” or just “J.” My husband, Craig, and I call each other “bud.”

Self-description: Passionate about life. Imaginative, creative and spiritual. A little too controlling.

Fear: Violence and anger.

Favorite season:
Fall. After a long, hot summer—when energies surge and the “season” begins. Arts re-emerge with renewed passion, promise and the belief that anything is possible.

Wish list: I wish for health and strength. I hope to know God better and be able to
give more love.

Ritual: Saying “thank-you” to The Studio Theatre. Locking the doors after a performance of Six Women With Brain Death, where the laughter has filled the building and still clings to every corner.

Health and fitness: Battling a chronic neuromuscular illness has changed my life. I hope to learn how to live with more grace and learn how to stay well by living with the illness, not fighting against it.

Dream vacation: Kauai. The ocean, the smell of flowers in the air, and my husband happy and peaceful.

Guilty pleasure: From when I was a child: A McDonald’s chocolate milkshake, hamburger and fries always make me feel better.

Serenity: Looking at the ocean or sitting among the tall trees. Quiet beauty. No sounds except nature.

Stamping grounds: I think of my college days in Davis, at the university. I began my real love affair with theater there and experienced unbridled passion.