Last Call: Biba Caggiano

First job

: At Banca Nazionale del Lavoro in New York (first job in this country).

Daily habits: Running on the treadmill, creating new dishes for the restaurant, sharing a morning cappuccino with my chefs, Don Brown and Tony Sanguinetti.

Self-description: Motivated, optimistic and a workaholic.

Fears: Heights and flying.

Treasures: My family and my three precious grandchildren.

Serenity: A new accomplishment, a happy family, a great sunset.

Success: Forty-three years of marriage, my daughters, the restaurant, seven cookbooks and more than 90 television shows (cooking shows, which aired on the Discovery Channel).

Indulgences: A great massage, homemade jam, great food and great wine.

Favorite season: Fall.

Vices: Peanut butter late at night, straight from the jar, and an occasional high-end cognac.

Stamping grounds
: Bologna, my native city; Sacramento; and Napa.