Top Doctors List


Talk about the crème de la crème. Our Top Doctors were chosen by their peers in a formal process similar to the informal process doctors use to connect their patients to the right specialists. Professional Research Services, LLC conducted our Top Doctors survey, then verified the doctors’ credentials and areas of expertise. Doctors cannot pay to be included on the list. To learn more about the selection process, go to

As a bonus, 10 of our Top Doctors talk about what drew them to their specialties, where they find inspiration and what patients can do to stay healthy.

Profiles by Greg Sabin, Photography by Tyler & Christina.

The professionals listed herein were selected by their peers in a survey conducted by Professional Research Services company of Troy, Michigan. Professionals were all screened and selected through the verification of licensing and review of any infractions through various applicable boards, and agencies. For further information visit or email PRS at To purchase Top Doctors plaques, please see