Winter Produce Inspiration from Capay Valley Farm Shop


Winter weather brings us a different crop of produce from the succulent, colorful fruits and vegetables of summer. It can be hard to face a turnip or of bunch of kale on a cold, gray day when all you want to do is sink your teeth into a warm, freshly plucked peach or plum. But when I find my enthusiasm waning, I like to turn to my Capay Valley Farm Shop e-newsletter (sign up here). Each week, the Farm Shop features recipes in its newsletter that beautifully celebrate the produce that’s in season right now – and the recipes are so yummy-sounding that they’re sure to get your cauliflower and beet mojo going. This week’s featured recipes were a Middle-Eastern fennel-carrot slaw, enlivened with lemon juice and coriander; a rutabaga-apple baked scallop; a garlicky spinach-arugula pesto (“excellent for burgers of all varieties”); and winter squash with apples (“top it off with some toasted walnuts or seeds for added texture”). The Farm Shop’s recipes this week have inspired me to run out to my local farmers’ market and stock up on some lovely winter produce.