Wine of the Week: Sierra Vista 2010 Fumé Blanc-Sauvignon Blanc



It’s hard to believe that, mere months from now, we’ll all be reveling in Sacramento’s glorious, warm weather. And when that sunny season hits, you’ll need a refreshing, friendly white wine on hand to quaff as you gleefully wave the frosty winter goodbye and head outside to crank up your backyard barbecue. So set aside a bottle or two of Sierra Vista winery’s 2010 Fumé Blanc-Sauvignon Blanc, an uncomplicated, crisp white that’s the perfect partner to your pre-dinner cheese platter, lighter shellfish dishes, grilled chicken pizza and vibrant, vegetable-laden Asian stir fries. Teeming with bright, perky flavors of pink grapefruit, lemon peel and ripe melon, the wine offers a subtle, herbaceous-grassy kick in the finish, nicely balanced acidity and a refined, easygoing character you’re sure to enjoy.