Warm Your Toes (and Soul) with Tom Kha Soup


Chilled to the bone and grouchy to boot, I met a friend at Chada Thai earlier this week. A bowl of the restaurant’s excellent tom kha – a traditional Thai soup prepared from coconut milk, galanga root, lemongrass and roasted chilis – soon catapulted me into a brand new attitude. The soup’s stunning, perfumey fragrance and vibrant flavors, punctuated with chunks of chicken and small mushrooms, was the perfect antidote to the nippy, gray weather outside. Warmed from toe to head, and very pleased with my full belly, I left Chada Thai completely prepared to face the rest of my day – cheerfully. If you’ve got a case of the grouchies, I suggest you seek out a vivacious bowl of tom kha from your nearest Thai restaurant.