Two Not-to-Miss Local Brews


Sacramento region brewers are crafting an exciting and ever-growing array of beer. I tried two recently that are going to become part of my sudsy rotation. American River Brewing Company, located in Rancho Cordova, is producing a luscious ale called “Coloma Brown” that offers lovely, rich, roasty flavors of coffee and chocolate, enlivened with a hoppy friskiness on the finish. I loved the ale’s slight sweetness and its sturdy, appealing character. This is a great winter quaff. Another standout local brew is Auburn Alehouse’s “Fool’s Gold,” a zingy-crisp, refreshing and palate-perking golden ale that’s unapologetically hoppy. I was captivated by this sharply-flavored, yet beautifully-balanced beer’s yummy fragrance and lively personality.

American River Brewing Company

Auburn Alehouse