Two Lively Local Brews


It’s been a while since I’ve tried any craft beers produced by Davis’ Sudwerk, so when I stumbled across two labels from the brewery I hadn’t seen before, I had to snatch them up. I was in for a surprise—both products were distinctive and interesting. The 3 Best Friends Coffee Vanilla Lager packed a real wallop to the palate: Bold and bracing, the brew—an experimental blendincorporates roasted coffee with cacao nibs and a touch of vanilla bean, providing an interesting layering of flavors. Stronger than my (4 shot) morning latte, this beer is not for the faint of heart. The frisky Cascaderade India Pale Lager (named for the mountain range that stretches from British Columbia to Northern California) is another palate-blaster. Hoppy and ultra-crisp, it offers assertive, citrusy flavors with a breezy, lingering taste of pine—guaranteed to rouse any slumbering taste buds. This lively brew would be a real refresher on a blisteringly hot summer afternoon.