Two Fabulous Locally Crafted Sweets


I was dazzled recently by two locally made, citrus-focused products. The Good Stuff’s Lemon Curd, made with floral, fragrant Meyer lemons, releases a bombshell of creamy, radiant, tangy lemoniness on your palate—the most delicious way I can imagine to rouse and excite sleepy taste buds. Its pure, deep citrus hit would be terrific in a simple tart, dolloped atop fresh shortbread cookies, tucked inside a dessert trifle with fresh fruit, smeared generously on ricotta pancakes or—as I relished it—spooned directly and greedily out of the jar.

Snow’s Citrus Court in Newcastle crafts a fantastic Mandarin Orange Dark Chocolate Sauce that made me swoon when I tried it. I loved this intense, flavor-drenched product, which allowed both flavors to shine in perfect, scrumptious partnership. Warm it up and pour it over ice cream, dip your favorite fruit into it, or serve it as a classy sauce for your next slice of homemade cake.

The Good Stuff

Snow’s Citrus Court