Turkey Cookies at Boudin


I’m a sucker for all things holiday related. So when I spotted this turkey-shaped cookie at Boudin in Loehmann’s Plaza, I had to nab one. The sugar cookie, dipped in chocolate at the turkey’s “plume,” sells for $1.89, but it’s pretty substantive. More importantly, though, how does it taste? Hang on. I’ll tell you in a second . . . .
. . . Yum! Definite thumbs up! I’m not surprised, though. For a place more famous for its sourdough bread than for its baked goods, Boudin churns out some delicious cookies. I especially like the chocolate chip cookies.
And the service at Boudin, at least at this location at 2573 Fair Oaks Blvd., is great. I asked for some butter to go with the rolls I ordered, and I got several pads of butter! No skimping here.
So go get yourself a turkey-shaped cookie before they’re all gobbled up. (Sorry, I could not resist.)