Tuli Bistro: Go for the Pizza


I’ve always been a fan of Tuli Bistro, an unassuming and friendly neighborhood eatery that consistently plates up delicious, seasonally-appropriate fare. And while Tuli’s kitchen has a real talent with seafood and pasta dishes, I think its pizzas are the best thing on the menu. Crisp, smoky and thin-crusted, the wood oven-baked pizzas boast first-rate toppings, inspired ingredient combinations and bold, lusty flavors. Try the luscious “Pig Pen,” loaded with (uncured) bam and bacon, mozzarella cheese and sharply pleasing tufts of arugula, enlivened with garlic cream and a Balsalmic vinegar reduction; or the simple yet scrumptious pepperoni pizza. I guarantee you won’t stop ‘till the last slice is gone.