Tuck Into Some Local Preserves


Instead of reaching for that Costco-sized jar of Smuckers jam the next time you make a pb&j, consider trying a locally crafted preserve instead. I found three recently that delighted me: Auburn’s Flour Girl Strawberry jam, with its charming, rustic label, sang with the bright, lush flavors of summer-ripe, organic strawberries. I wouldn’t waste this jam on a sandwich, however . . . try drizzling it on good-quality vanilla ice cream, plunking a blob onto warm poundcake, or simply eating it straight out of the jar. The Good Stuff cherry jam I tried—produced right here in Sacramento—was also fabulous. Intensely flavored, and crammed full of whole cherries, it would be a dazzling addition to a cheese platter or smeared on freshly-baked bread with sweet butter. The Good Stuff, which believes in “promoting the small family farmer and that everyone should have access to quality organic produce,” contributes 5 percent of its sales to Soil Born Farms—another wonderful reason to support this small local business. And if your palate needs to be seriously revived, stick a spoon deep into Sutter Buttes Meyer lemon-ginger soft set jam—this zingy, vivacious preserve will not only greatly enliven your pb&j’s, pancakes and French toast, it can also—according to the company—be spread on baked chicken, pork chops and roasted carrots; or be mixed with soy sauce and sesame oil to create a unique embellishment for salmon, tofu or a stir fry.