Try It: Yakitori Yuchan’s Gyoza


I’m a big fan of gyoza, Japanese dumplings also known as potstickers. I’ve had my fair share of duds—gyoza with rubbery, tough exteriors, and ones with overly salty or fatty meaty interiors . . . but I can’t help myself from ordering them whenever I have the chance—who knows when you’ll stumble across an excellent version? I may have found my gyoza nirvana at Davis’ Yakitori Yuchan, a new restaurant on E Street specializing in yakitori, or grilled, skewered meats and vegetables. Yakitori’s gyoza (six to an order) offer a silky, tender dumpling shell, with a crackly-crusty browned bottom where the gyoza were affixed to the pan during preparation. The meat inside is perfectly seasoned, juicy, and not overly salty—one of the best renditions of this Japanese nosh that I have encountered in the region. Pair the gyoza with Yakitori’s grilled shishito pepper skewers (guaranteed to ignite your palate) and soothing, nourishing chicken ramen soup.