Try It: Sunrise Chinese Restaurant's Wor Wonton Soup


Is all the wet weather making you glum? Tuck into a bowl of Sunrise Chinese Restaurant’s scrumptious wor wonton soup – packed with meat (chicken, shrimp and barbecued pork), wontons and a raft of vegetables – and it’s guaranteed to raise your spirits. It’s not often that you find such a variety of veggies in this style of soup – I relished the clusters of broccoli, zucchini, carrots, cabbage, green onions and bamboo shoots; and the soup’s wontons were plump and very flavorful. Sunrise Chinese is located out in South Sacramento on Mack Road, but this menu item is well worth the drive – and at a mere $6.75 a bowl, it’s easy on the wallet.

4689 Mack Road, Sacramento; (916) 428-8882