Try It: Sacramento’s Potter’s Crackers


If you’re an enthusiastic supporter of small local businesses and sustainable, organic products, you’ll love Potter’s Crackers, made right here in downtown Sacramento. The whole grain, handmade crackers are crafted from milled whole-wheat flour (made in California) and locally-produced butter. There are five delectable year-round varieties of crackers, and Potters also produces intriguing seasonal flavors throughout the year to reflect what is available in local farmers’ markets. At a recent dinner party, I served Potters’ fruity/earthy California Olive cracker – dotted with tiny bits of Kalamata olives; the Classic White; and the fabulous Six Seed (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flax, golden flax, poppy seeds), and all three were a huge hit with my guests. To order the crackers online, find them in local shops (I bought mine at East Sac’s wonderful The Cultured & The Cured), and get some cool recipes, check out Potters’ website