Try It: Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op’s Salad Bar


I’m a big fan of veggies, and try to squeeze in a salad whenever I can. One of my favorite spots for a plateful of produce is the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, which offers a first-rate salad bar stocked with a raft of goodies. In addition to the ubiquitous leafy greens, cucumbers and carrots, the Co-op offers fresh edamame beans, grated beets, hard boiled eggs and the most scrumptious, delightfully crunchy (and not from a package!) croutons I’ve ever tasted. Salads are charged by weight, and you can either pile up your selections on a plate (to eat there—did you know the Co-op had its own dining area?) or in a sturdy box (to take home)—and don’t forget the dressing. My fave is vegan Caesar.