Try It: Pushkin's Bakery


We reveled in some seriously tasty sweet treats recently at Pushkin’s Bakery, a cheery, family-owned establishment on 29th Street that offers wheat/gluten- and dairy-free desserts. On a sparklingly sunny Sunday, we dug into the bakery’s crumbly, powdered sugar-covered (and vegan) Russian tea cake, a scrumptious gooey-on-the-inside, crusty-on-the-outside chocolate crinkle cookie, and a pop-in-your-mouth mini lemon poppyseed pound cake that Pushkin’s calls, simply, an “Awesome.” Other yummy items we enjoyed were a cushy, bite-sized “No Name” (characterized by staff as “like the inside of a cinnamon roll”) and a glazed, fragrant Meyer lemon pound cake. If you want to pad your stomach with something wholesome and nutritious before indulging in Pushkin’s treats, consider ordering up one of their vegan (and delicious-sounding) sandwiches, which include the intriguing “Spicy Adult Grilled Cheese,” composed with pepper jack cashew cheese, pesto, tomato slices and arugula.