Try It: Opa Opa's Falafel Platter


I’ve always been a fan of East Sacramento’s Opa Opa, a friendly, casual little spot on J Street that serves up radiantly fresh Greek and Mediterranean fare. My go-to menu favorites are the (dazzling garlicky) garlic chicken pita and the chewy, flavorful lamb souvlaki (kabobs), but this past weekend I expanded my horizons and tried Opa Opa’s falafel platter. This vegetarian dish was fabulous – crusty, palm-sized falafels were served up with sesame-kissed tahini sauce, a creamy hummus, and a tangy, refreshing yogurt-based tzatziki sauce. I paired the dish with wedges of the restaurant’s fresh pita bread and made sloppy, impromptu sandwich wraps with the ingredients – an entertaining, delicious weekend feast.