Try It: Midtown's Hamburger Patties


I have lived in Sacramento for almost 20 years, but for some reason never ventured into midtown’s Hamburger Patties. At the pleading of my kids, we visited recently – and, after a knockout meal, I admit to being very sad that it took me so long to discover this J street dining institution. Established in 1994, the quirky spot offers up a roomy bar area, colorfully eclectic décor (don’t miss the large fish tank and jungle mural in the back) and a very friendly waitstaff in addition to its dizzying array of burgers. Selections range from the Nacho Burger, loaded with spicy cheese sauce, jalapeños, onions, chili and black olives; to the popular and very creative Big Valley Burger, slathered with teriyaki sauce and embellished with fresh pineapple slices, sautéed mushrooms and melted cheddar cheese. I devoured the excellent, juice-down-to-your-elbows Hacienda Burger, whose green Ortega chili peppers and spicy southwest sauce left a pleasant, lingering burn on my palate. If you’re hit with burger lust, make the trek to this well-loved, casual midtown spot.