Try It: Mei Mei Noodle Factory


Noodle lovers – don’t let the rickety screen door and gritty exterior of Mei Mei Noodle Factory give you pause. This no-frills, warehousy retail establishment sells some of the most delicious (and least expensive) noodles you have ever encountered. Made fresh on the premises daily, Mei Mei’s simple wares include thick udon, chow mein and stir fry noodles, as well as wonton, dumpling and pot sticker wraps. If you’re lucky enough to arrive on a day when the owners have made whole wheat or seasonal noodles (two favorite flavors are carrot and pumpkin) – snatch them up, as they go fast. All the noodles are a shocking 99 cents a pound, which never fails to amaze me – and since they freeze well, I always grab an extra bag or two to enjoy at a later date. The owners have limited English, but simple cooking instructions and a price list hang helpfully on the wall. If you’re embarking on an Asian recipe that includes noodles or wraps, it’s well worth your time to make the trek to Mei Mei.

1715 10th Street, Sacramento