Try It: Masullo Pizza in Land Park


Land Park residents have a gem of a pizzeria in their neighborhood – Masullo dishes up loads of good cheer and a welcoming ambiance along with its thin-crusted, rustic pizzas. Much of the small space is dedicated to communal seating – people simply grab a seat along the lengthy tables wherever they can find a space. There are a limited number of individual tables, but there’s something fun about squeezing in next to other hungry strangers and striking up a conversation. The volume inside is loud enough that your baby can chatter freely (which also means you may have to shout occasionally to be heard) but it’s all part of the experience.

I like the “Lotte” pizza, topped with fresh mozzarella and goat cheeses, oyster mushrooms and oregano; and carnivores will enjoy the “3 Meats” – featuring salame, Italian sausage and mortadella. Masullo also offers a handful of sauceless pizzas (try the “Jaqueline,” topped with potatoes, Fontina cheese and bacon) and some yummy salads. The feisty arugula salad, tossed with a brightly-flavored Meyer lemon vinaigrette, is a great palate-cleanser; and if you’re in the mood for a pizza-friendly quaff, the restaurant has a nice lineup of (interesting) beers and a compact but nice selection of wines.