Try It: Lucky Cafe's Omelets


It’s hard to steer myself away from ordering the corned beef hash at Lucky Cafe, whose hearty version is, I believe, the best in town. But several times I have visited this no-frills midtown diner only to discover that hungry diners before me have gobbled up all the corned beef hash, forcing me to try something different on the menu. On these occasions, I have been dazzled by the kitchen’s plump, expertly-cooked omelets, served up with Lucky Cafe’s famous, crusty hash browns. I appreciate the fact that the omelet filling plays a starring role in this menu item, with the eggy exterior serving only to hold everything together. The cafe offers a wide range of omelet ingredients, including some interesting sausages; and unless you have a Paul Bunyan-sized appetite, be prepared to take some of your breakfast home to enjoy the next day.