Try It: Kathmandu Kitchen


When I have a yen for some exotic, full flavors, I often head to downtown’s charming Kathmandu Kitchen. This friendly, family-owned establishment plates up delicious Indian and Nepalese cuisine that’s surprisingly affordable and generously portioned. Not-to-miss menu items include the nutmeg-kissed chicken korma, swathed in a cashew nut-based curry sauce; and the earthy, scrumptious lamb tikka masala. Vegetarians have a raft of tasty items from which to choose: Two of my favorite dishes are the chana masala, garbanzo beans stewed with tomatoes; and the luscious palak paneer, soft chunks of creamy homemade cheese cooked with fresh spinach. Scoop these items up with Kathmandu’s crusty, made-to-order garlic-and-cilantro naan bread, and wash it all down with a thick, fruity mango lassi.