Try It: Jake’s Desserts in Davis


Downtown Davis is harboring a sweet secret—Jake’s Desserts on E Street is the place to visit when you need a satisfying, sugary hit. Freshly baked cupcakes are offered in an array of colors and flavors—we loved the marshmallow-stuffed “S’more Galore” cupcake, the banana-kissed “Monkey Mania” and the “Mint Meltdown”—a chocolate mint cupcake lavished with mint buttercream and sprinkled with mint chips. But the shop also has a great selection of gelato—don’t miss the intriguing avocado-coconut, honey-vanilla or pumpkin chai flavors. Perhaps you’re planning a picnic or casual party with friends? Stock up on Jake’s M&M-dotted sugar cookies and the luscious-looking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

113 E Street, Davis, (530) 564-4315