Try It: Frank Fat’s Banana Cream Pie


If you’ve lived in Sacramento for longer than a year and haven’t tried Frank Fat’s banana cream pie, then you’re not doing desserts right. Fat’s pie is practically a staple in Sacramento desserts. The bananas in the pie are so fresh that they practically melt as soon as they enter the warmth of your mouth. The creamy egg custard that holds the bananas is equally soft but thick enough not to be runny. The flakiness of the bottom crust is almost reminiscent of a croissant, and the fresh, airy whipped cream topping is the proverbial cherry on top. You can try their famous banana cream pie after eating one of their delicious entrees—the brandy-fried chicken is drool worthy—at Frank Fat’s downtown Sacramento location (806 L St.) or any of the other three Fat’s locations in the Sacramento area. ($7.25)