Try It: Folsom's Saffron Grill


Fans of Persian/Iranian food need to know about Folsom’s Saffron Grill, located in a somewhat out-of-the-way space on East Bidwell street. I recently had a knockout meal at this warm, casual little restaurant, which, in addition to its more familiar items, offers several Northern Iranian dishes I have never seen on another menu. I adored the smoky, intense mirza ghasemi, a barbecued eggplant spread redolent of garlic; and the fresh herb and feta cheese platter, accompanied by house-baked Persian taftoon flatbread, was a vivacious palate-reviver. The restaurant’s garlic-mint chicken skewer was eye-rollingly moist and succulent; and the beef koobideh – a seasoned ground beef and onion kebab – was one of the best I’ve tried in the region. Our service was cheery and prompt; and the chef came out mid-meal to make sure we were happy with our repast. The restaurant is a good 30 minute drive from my house, but I’ll be back soon to relish more of the kitchen’s flavorful, fresh offerings.