Try It: Estelle's Patisserie


We’re all busy watching our waistlines, but there are times when it’s appropriate to toss that nasty old calorie counter out the window. If you’re feeling rebellious (and craving quality sweets), head to Estelle’s Patisserie, whose refined, soothing European ambiance and elegant pastries will catapult you into vacation mode. Best known for its ethereal and multi-hued macarons (meringue-based cookie confections), the bakery also offers a dizzying assortment of other goodies, from mini lemon tarts and Danishes to graceful, shell-shaped chocolate madeleines and rustic muffins. There’s even a mouth-watering array of freshly-baked breads and enticing sandwiches.

Drop in with a friend for a leisurely chat and cup of tea; or select an array of pretty sweets for a last-minute dinner party. Note: Don’t miss the first-rate almond croissant or the textural, delicious Cowboy cookie, crammed full of chocolate chunks, pecans and shredded coconut.