Try It: de Vere's Bloody Mary


Feeling glum and lethargic on a gray, drizzly Sunday morning? Belly up to the bar at de Vere’s in midtown and order up a spicy Bloody Mary—it’s guaranteed to catapult you into a feistier, more energetic mood. A virtual salad in a pint glass, the classic tomato juice-based cocktail zings with the addition of Stoli Hot jalapeno-spiked vodka; and is stuffed full of pungent pickled carrots, peppers, pearl onions and Brussels sprouts (really!), then finished off with leafy celery stalks and a slice of black pepper-flecked bacon. Pair this frisky beverage with de Vere’s scrumptious (and very share-able) buttered pretzel, which is served up with a meaty, flavorful sausage, a crock of pimento beer cheese and mustard.