Try It: Café Capricho’s Vegan Combo


I’ll say up front that I am not a vegan – I simply like food too much to restrict my diet. But the other day, urged on by a vegan friend, I tried friendly little Café Capricho’s vegan combo, and was impressed enough that I’ll be back soon to order it again. The dish featured a butternut squash, corn and poblano chile taco – a refreshingly light, healthy variation on the traditional version; and a feisty spinach and potato enchilada, napped in an earthy red chile sauce and sprinkled with sliced almonds. Served up with a toothsome mound of brown rice and black beans, it was a flavorful, wholesome entrée – an exciting departure from the cheese- and salt-laden Mexican dishes one often encounters in taquerias. Other not-to-miss menu items at East Sac’s Café Capricho include the fabulous shrimp and spinach enchiladas, topped with a vivacious green chile sauce and soft goat cheese.