Try It: Broderick Roadhouse’s Bahn Mi Fries


After hearing some serious foodie buzz about Broderick Roadhouse’s bahn mi fries, I finally got an opportunity to visit the West Sacramento bar/restaurant to give ’em a try. Broderick’s fries—which are (according to the menu) “a labor of love”—are hand cut, soaked overnight, blanched, cooled, then fried to order. The popular bahn mi fries are loaded with sweet, fork-tender slow-roasted pulled pork, pickled vegetables, jalapeño peppers and a house-made citrus-caramel sauce. Greasy, messy, decadent, spicy, and hard to eat, these exotic fries cry out for a cold pint of beer as an accompaniment (and result in some monster breath that will probably drive your sweetie away for the evening), but they’re a lot of fun. Other interesting variations on the menu include the Gorgonzola cheese and oyster mushroom fries; and the briskly-selling house-made gravy and cheddar cheese fries. And if you want to pair a burger with your fries, don’t miss the fabulous Lebanese-spiced ground lamb burger, topped with goat cheese crumbles, lusty bits of roasted tomato, arugula and balsamic vinaigrette.