Try It: 33rd Street Bistro's Bag o' Doughnuts


It’s been quite a while since I’ve visited 33rd Street Bistro on Folsom Boulevard. But recently I had the good fortune of breakfasting twice at this popular East Sac dining institution—and both times enjoyed great meals and attentive service. Standout dishes I tried included a robust black bean hash, dotted with spicy chunks of linguica sausage and queso fresco; and a cracked hazelnut waffle with whipped cream. But the most entertaining (and caloric) nosh was the kitchen’s made-to-order Bag o’ Doughnuts, tossed lavishly in sugar and served up with honey butter, a dense fudge sauce and juicy strawberry compote. Totally indulgent and fun, the doughnuts drew envious glances from diners who wanted to order the sweet treats but (unlike us) resisted the temptation. We consumed ours with evident relish, paired with cup after cup of strong black coffee.