Today Is National Pie Day!


I knew January had to have some redeeming value to it, and I’ve found it: Jan. 23 (that’s today!) is National Pie Day! And in celebration, Icing on the Cupcake, which has been offering single-serving pies on “Pie-Day Fridays” since November, will be selling pies in honor of NPD. Flavors: pecan and apple crumb.
If you can’t make it today (or, if IOTC ran out because you didn’t pre-order your pie), take heart. Just like Frosty the Snowman reassembles himself from his meltdown and comes back to life on Christmas Day, IOTC pies—apple crumb, pecan and its latest, cherry—will be available on Valentine’s Day (that’s a Tuesday, folks). And February’s “Pie-Day Fridays” will feature cherry as well as either apple or pecan. Consider pre-ordering your favorite pie, especially for Valentine’s Day. Here’s the number: (916) 303-4333. Each pie costs $3.
And don’t worry, cupcake fans, IOTC is still churning out those scrumptious goodies as well.

For a list of area IOTC locations, click here.