'Tis the Season for Preserving


If you’re lucky enough to be enjoying a colorful bounty of summer produce, from cucumbers and sweet stone fruit to red, ripe strawberries, it’s time to grab a pot and some jars and start canning and jamming. Don’t worry if you’ve never engaged in this deliciously satisfying, old-fangled kitchen craft—the Sacramento County Master Preservers are here to help. This wonderful group, which conducts monthly public demonstrations, teaches “the art and science of all phases of preserving food safely at home.” Upcoming demos include “Salsa Dancing Tomatoes—Tomatoes & Salsas,” “Pick a Peck of Perky Pickles,” and “The Pressure’s On: Basic introduction to safe pressure canning techniques.” There’s even a class on safe dehydration techniques. Many of the workshops offered by the Master Preservers are free; others cost a mere $5. For more information, visit the group’s website