Time to Celebrate Root Vegetables


Looking out the window at the gray, drizzly weather, it’s easy to miss the juicy, sweet peaches, plums and strawberries of summer past. But every season offers its own bounty of delectable produce, and right now is the time to relish winter’s humble treasures: the root vegetables. Parsnips, carrots, rutabagas and turnips offer their own delightful charms, and can be enjoyed in cold-weather stews, soups and casseroles, or on their own—try roasting, mashing, pureeing or sautéing these vegetables for a comforting and nourishing side dish with pork roast or fried chicken.

Try this fabulous, hearty recipe for Beef, Beet and Cabbage Borscht from foodandwine.com that beautifully celebrates one of winter’s most beloved and versatile root vegetables: foodandwine.com/recipes/beef-beet-and-cabbage-borscht