Three Standout Local Dishes


I am often reminded of how lucky Sacramento residents are to have such a glorious bounty of good food available to them. I recently relished three menu items that represent some of the most delectable fare we can hope to find in our region.

On a frigid evening, OneSpeed’s creamy polenta and meatball appetizer warmed me from the toes up. Draped with chewy melted mozzarella cheese and enlivened with a drizzle of tomato-basil vinaigrette, the simple dish was as comforting as a grandmother’s hug.

Taylor’s Kitchen, a Land Park dining gem, plated up a fabulous roast chicken, embellished with house-cured bacon, sweet baby carrots and earthy Bloomsdale spinach. An intriguing, pungent black garlic potato puree and brightly flavored red wine jus rounded out the lusty, wintery flavors of this nourishing dish.

Saffron Grill in Folsom added some sunshine to a dreary gray afternoon for me with its beautiful Traditional Persian Tray. Loaded with bowls of mirza ghazemi, a scrumptious warm grilled eggplant dip with tomatoes and garlic; creamy hummus; refreshing shirazi salad, composed of chopped cucumber, tomato, fresh parsley and olive oil; and the kitchen’s wonderful panir sabzi—organic herbs with crunchy red radish, walnuts and feta cheese—this is a meatless feast to savor with someone you love.