Think Pink: The Co-op Showcases Some Unique Seasonal Produce


Feel like snacking on something unusual? Check out the produce section at Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, which is featuring two dramatically pink fruits guaranteed to add some zing to your daily nibblings.

The curious, tropical dragon fruit (grown outside San Diego), has a gently curled, leafy, armor-like exterior which makes it look like a colorful, flowery grenade; and a shockingly fuchsia interior. The juicy-soft flesh, dotted with little black seeds, tastes like a subtle combination of kiwi, Bartlett pear, watermelon and strawberry. Simply cut through the fruit with a sharp knife and dig out the flesh, just like you would do with a cantaloupe – this stunning fruit would be a refreshing treat on a sweltering summer afternoon.

The pink pearl apple – which makes a brief appearance in our region in late summer – is a spectacular, crisp apple with a tart bite, making it perfect for baking. The exterior is a creamy, pearled gold, tinged with pink, and the flesh is spectacular – its color ranges from a deep magenta to a delicate, rosy-pink blush. I like to make a lovely applesauce with this exotic apple, or mix it with other varieties of apples to create a multi-colored apple pie.