The Firehouse’s Early Summer Menu Dazzles


Chef Deneb Williams of The Firehouse is set to change his menu on July 10 to incorporate mid-summer ingredients. My advice? Run to the esteemed Old Sacramento restaurant and savor some of the talented chef’s current dishes before they are gone for the year. I had a stellar dinner at The Firehouse recently, which included Williams’ knockout house-crafted artichoke tortellini, tossed prettily with arugula, toasted almonds and bit of pancetta; and a creative miso-glazed chunk of pork belly, whose fragrant broth contained edamame beans, silky shiitake mushrooms and shiny shishito peppers. Adorned with a fried quail egg, it was an exciting mélange of flavors and textures. We finished off the meal with the kitchen’s (deservedly) famous Grand Marnier soufflé, which—good news—stays on the menu all year. This decadent treat—whose accompanying, luscious crème anglaise and raspberry coulis are poured, directly into the top of the soufflé, by the waiter at the tableside —takes a good 20 minutes to prepare, so plan your meal accordingly.