Taste of Thai on Broadway: Don't Miss the Specials


Taste of Thai on Broadway is one of my favorite spots for flavorful, fresh Thai food. And while I usually stick to the regular menu selections, I made a foray into the restaurant’s specials recently and was captivated. A fragrant sautéed lamb dish was punctuated with chunks of onion and zucchini, napped in a complex, savory sauce; and a special featuring flaky, moist tempura-fried salmon and halibut was lavishly garnished with crispy, delicate deep-fried basil leaves that added a lovely brightness to the fish.

Not-to-miss menu items at Taste of That include the gaeng ped – duck breast immersed in red curry sauce with sweet pineapple, eggplant, bamboo shoots, tomatoes and fresh basil; and the enticing yum woon sen, a salad of pork, shrimp and glass noodles tossed in a zesty chili lime dressing.

1628 Broadway, Sacramento, (916) 444-5598