Squeeze Into Davis' Hotdogger


After a fun trip to the local pumpkin patch in Davis this past weekend, we stopped in at one of my favorite dining spots in downtown – The Hotdogger. This friendly eatery cranks out some of the best dogs in the region – from the feisty Portugese wine sausage (chicken linguica embellished with red wine and crushed red pepper) and veggie tofu dog to the basic all-beef hotdog (with natural casing), there’s an option for every palate. Toppings range from sauerkraut and chili to pepper Jack cheese and diced onions – and the array of mustard selections is dizzying. Don’t forget to order up a batch of the crispy wedge-cut fries (if you’re feeling adventurous, try the “Fire Fries,” wedges doused with salsa, peppers, chili, cheese, onion, and tomato), and be prepared to sit outside – there’s barely enough room to turn around in this teeny establishment.