Scrumptious Gluten- and Dairy-Free Sweets at Pushkin's Bakery


I am lucky enough to not suffer from any food allergies or restrictions, so I’ll admit that it took me a while to stop into Pushkin’s Bakery, located on 29th Street next to Revolution Wines and Temple Coffee. This cheery establishment, Sacramento’s first dedicated wheat/gluten and dairy-free bakery, was opened on Valentine’s Day by husband and wife team Danny and Olga Turner.

Toe-curlingly delicious aromas filled the small retail space, which featured an enticing array of baked goods, from frosted lemon scones and vegan zucchini bread to oatmeal raisin cookies and blueberry muffins. After some serious deliberation, I chose several items and raced home to share them with a friend. We were delighted with our goodies: Olga’s peanut butter cookie – delicate and light, yet very full-flavored – was far better than any my mom has ever baked; a blueberry muffin was wonderfully moist and delicious; and – my favorite – a chocolate chip s’more sandwich, had a finger-licking, yummy, gooey-sweet marshmallow filling and offered the perfect balance of chocolate and crumbly-light graham-cookie exterior.

I am so pleased that the region’s diners who suffer from gluten or dairy allergies (or intolerance) now have such a charming bakery to cater to their dietary restrictions. But even if you don’t experience any gluten or dairy issues, make an effort check out this friendly bakery’s terrific wares.