Sacramento’s Ruhstaller Beer Gets New Life


Sacramento was once the West Coast capital of the beer industry. Yet overnight, Prohibition erased that industry. However, Sacramento entrepreneur J.E. Paino is bringing back a big name from that era, Ruhstaller Beer, which was created by Swiss-German immigrant Capt. Frank Ruhstaller.

To celebrate, Paino is holding an event called “Welcome Home, Captain Ruhstaller” on Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 6 p.m.

For those of you not familiar with Ruhstaller, here’s a little history lesson. In 1863, Ruhstaller was lured to Sacramento by its reputation for being the best place on the West Coast for making beer. The region’s perfect climate for growing hops and barley, paired with easy transportation via river and train, made Sacramento an ideal place for Ruhstaller to build a legacy. By the 1880s, Ruhstaller had started three breweries. When Prohibition was enacted, these breweries were forced to close.

Paino has tapped the recipes of brewmaster Peter Hoey to develop local brews in the Ruhstaller tradition. You can try two of them at Tuesday’s celebration at Mulvaney’s B&L Next Door, at 19th and L streets. Tickets are $22 ($30 at the door). For more information click here.