Sacramento's Revolution Wines: More Than Just a Tasting Room



I stopped into Revolution Wines this week to sample a selection of the urban winery’s products, but was sidelined by a persistent grumbling in my tummy. Remembering that Revolution also offered an innovative menu of nibbles, I checked out the kitchen’s daily lineup. The dishes all sounded enticing – from the Portobello French dip (stacked on a Cajun aioli-slathered torpedo bun and served up with mushroom jus) to the rustic duck confit and hot Italian sausage cassoulet. I ended up devouring a lovely, refreshing beet salad, dappled with pomegranate seeds and candied pistachios; and a plateful of bruschetta, topped with a shaggy, delicious Brussels sprouts relish and salty chunks of bacon. Tummy satisfied, I tried several of Revolution’s wines – and walked out with a bottle of the delightful, fruity Chenin Blanc and the winery’s sumptuously sweet vintage Port.