Root Vegetables: Don’t Forget 'Em


Spring is here, and the delicious warm-weather produce we’ve all been waiting for, including peas, asparagus and rhubarb, is starting to appear in local farmers markets. Soon, we’ll begin seeing cherries, apricots, cucumbers and fava beans as we head toward the hot days of summer. But as you are gobbling your spring and summer produce, don’t forget about the humble, nutritious root vegetables we depended upon in the wintery months: Those carrots, beets and parsnips are packed with minerals and vitamins, and offer an array of health benefits. Some root vegetables taste great plain (try munching on refreshing cubes of jicama and radish on a sweltering day), while others are ravishing when roasted (eat as-is or chop up for salads, pizzas and veggie platters), mashed, cooked in soups or juiced for a nutritious morning smoothie. Most are available year-round, and are usually quite inexpensive. So the next time you buy a pound of just-plucked peaches and fava beans, remember to bring home a handful of turnips, too.