Rise Early and Run Fast: Doughbot Donuts


I’ll just put it out there. I have disliked doughnuts my whole life. I’ve never understood people’s adoration of, and obsession with these overly sweet, shockingly caloric pastries.

Until now. I have just experienced a gastronomic epiphany, and it was triggered by a s’more doughnut purchased from downtown’s Doughbot Donuts. This was a doughnut unlike any other I have ever encountered: somewhat dense and cake-like, embellished with a gritty sprinkling of sugar, then topped with a shiny chocolate glaze and crowned with a large, square, poofy-soft handmade (and …wait for it…) TOASTED-AT-PURCHASE marshmallow.

I ran outside after buying this treasure, yanked it impatiently out of the box, and bit down ecstatically through the layers of warm/goopy/toasty marshmallow, chocolate glaze, sugar and cake … and morphed instantly from a doughnut disliker to a rabid doughnut fan. After devouring this first doughnut, I attacked a yeasted vanilla bean glazed doughnut and a sturdy, crunchy-fragrant cinnamon-sugar doughnut … and my fate was sealed. I am now Doughbot’s slave.

Doughnut flavors at this creative little shop range from Dulce de Leche and Berry Cheesecake to (the very popular) Bacon Maple and Carrot Cake. But here’s your challenge: Doughbot sells out of their doughnuts quickly – while the shop is officially open until 2pm Wednesday through Sunday (it opens at 7am) many of the doughnuts are gone by late morning. If you want to have a wide selection to try, set your alarm clock early and make a mad dash to 10th and W streets for a wildly caloric and deeply satisfying nosh.